2 Find Your Home 3

To find your home you will want to do research. Finding your home you will need a great REALTOR who will be able to assist you with the entire process of purchasing a home. From getting a mortgage pre-qualifiction, to selecting neighborhoods, narrowing down the home you wish to purchase, […]

Should I List in the Winter Months or Wait Until Spring?

Should I list in the Winter in Buffalo NY? The fall weather is setting in and with the upcoming holidays, many Western New Yorkers are making plans for family parties and getting ready to settle in for a long winter. Let’s face it, there are a lot of jokes about […]

Loan Application Checklist for Buyers 5

If you are not purchasing your Western New York home outright with cash, part of that process is obtaining a Mortgage. Since applying for your Mortgage can be confusing, we have assembled a list of all the documents you will need for your WNY home mortgage application.  Having all of […]

Can Burying a St. Joseph ensure a home Sale? 3

St. Joseph – Patron Saint of Realtors There are so many tools available to sellers to ensure successful sale of their Western New York home. The most important tool I have is the market conditions and current sales data to ensure that the home is priced correctly. History of what […]


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Thinking of selling your WNY Home? 3

Are you thinking of selling your WNY home? There are many things that you need to do to prepare for the sale of your WNY home. Things are changing in the WNY Real Estate market and there are several things that you should know to make this process as stress […]

Do you have questions about WNY Real Estate? 1

Real Estate can be confusing for even the most experienced Real Estate Investor. So just imagine how hard it can be for home buyers and sellers! This site is dedicated to assisting you in making those important Real Estate decisions.



The Truth about Showing Feedback 1

I am sitting in the office late at night after a crazy day of showing properties, writing an offer, presenting the offer and scheduling my day for tomorrow. I had 3 of my properties shown today, two yesterday and 1 the day before. I have about 10 emails from other […]

Excellent reasons to not purchase a Home 19

We always talk about about what a great time it is to purchase a home in WNY, but there are some very sound reasons why you might not want to purchase a WNY home at this time. Even though you may have the financial resources and the desire to own your own home, it might not be the right time for YOU.

Yes you read that correctly. We have a reason to suggest that. There are so many times that we see where good people make poor decisions and then they find that they have to sell it too soon. Too often we find that we have to sell a home for a client that is in a tough spot, having to sell right after purchasing a home.


Low Appraisals Still Causing Problems in Some Deals 1

The real estate market is on the upswing – but are those improvements being reflected in home appraisals?  When many potential buyers push the selling price of a home higher than the asking price – which isn’t unusual in neighborhoods where the demand is high – problems are arising because […]

Planning the move into your new WNY home! 1

Everyone has a nightmare moving story to tell. But the smart Western New Yorker is smart about moving and plans their move! The more you plan, the less likely disaster is to strike. If you plan and have contingency plans, your move can be rather stress free. You already have anticipated the problem and are prepared with a backup plan.

Writing the Hardship Letter 2

Today I want to talk about a small but important piece of the short sale – the hardship letter. This is the one time you really need to look at the situation through bank’s eyes.   They have taken all the risk and ultimately deciding if the transaction is going to […]

I don’t want to work with a Realtor 1

I write about For Sale By Owners to hopefully assist them in the process of selling their homes. I do it for free, giving advice to assist them in the process. I figure that by doing so I will provide information that will prove my abilities, and when they are ready, they will call me for assistance.

So it’s pretty common knowledge that some people rank Realtors right up there with car salesmen and lawyers. Why I mention this? I got an email recently from an angry For Sale By Owner that blames me for all the ills of the real estate market and the current mortgage crisis.

Contact Information for Local Utility Companies

Once you have an accepted contract and your mortgage is approved and you are waiting to close there are some details that you must take care of. The most important detail is making sure that your utilities are turned on or you could have some immediate problems. Cable & Internet: […]

Overcoming WNY Buyer objections to your home

First impressions matter. Where do you think that impression is made? On the Internet, at the curb and actually walking through the home are where those impressions are made. Both positive and negative impressions can happen.

It is in your best interest that positive impressions happen. You might never have a second chance. The most important thing is the presentation of your WNY home for sale to potential Home Buyers. One way to over come Buyers potential objections is to stage your home and have it in perfect condition for each showing. Many home owners turn to professionals to Stage Their Homes.

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My Buffalo home is about to expire! 2

Are you ready to face the ugly monster in the room?

Your Buffalo area home is about to expire and you are understandably frustrated. You have great plans for a new Buffalo area home and you just can’t understand why your home has not sold. You love your home, it has been wonderful for you, but why is it that nobody else wants it? At this point you have lost confidence in your current Buffalo Realtor®, and you probably are searching the Internet to find the right person to sell you Buffalo home.

Is this a good time to purchase a home in WNY? 9

“What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” Donald Trump Real Estate is an interesting business. David Podgursky made an excellent point about the cost of not buying a home and his advice was: “If you’re buying a home – […]


What the appliances are not included? 10

Over on a social network there has been a lengthy discussion regarding appliances and the sale of a home that I thought it would be important to discuss. This discussion was started by a home buyer that thought that the appliances were included when they wrote the contract and were […]

Showing a home isn’t always as easy as it sounds… 2

Let’s talk about showings for your home for sale. I am frustrated with the lack of professionalism by some Realtors. Not all, just a few. And I am not the only one who is frustrated. I am sure that it is the behavior of these agents that give those of […]

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Your pricing strategy could be costing you money! 3

Today’s savvy Western New York Buyers have been told how it is a “Buyer’s Market” and they are wanting a real estate deal and therefore ignoring overpriced homes. If you thought the three magic words in Real Estate were Location! Location! Location! You would be wrong. Today the single largest […]