Wegmans vs. Tops – The Grocery Store Smackdown

Where can I shop for groceries?

Simple question right?  Especially for those relocating from other areas.   Well you ask a dozen people in Western New York you will get a few opinions — passionate opinions at that.  Including my own.   One store I am deeply loyal to and only go to the other when there is a great deal.   The latter store frustrates me and there are many times I will not bother.

Which store is better Wegmans or Tops?

Ladies and Gentlemen we have two incredible competitors here today in the left corner we have Wegmans and in the right corner we have Tops.  There are loyal fans on both sides of the ring, and folks it looks like the fans are just as serious about this battle as the two stores.  There are other stores too — Save-A-Lot, Aldi’s and Budwey’s to name a few.

Western New York residents are spoiled when it comes to grocery shopping options, when I lived in the Metro NYC area I would miss shopping at these stores, when I moved to Florida it was worse.

It doesn’t matter which store you like better — what matters is that Western New Yorkers have two excellent choices with a variety of services…   There are passions about both stores, I am not the only one that has strong feeling about one store or another:

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