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Valentine’s Day Countdown

Today in Niagara Falls there are many men that are just about in a complete panic over February 14th, and then again there are some that don’t have a clue it is coming up.

Some people will want to completely forget day.   Don’t forget to call someone that might not have a special someone to be their Valentine today.  It will make their day.   Or drop a card in the mail.  There is nothing more special than being remembered on Valentine’s Day…

This post was originally written for Valentine’s Day 2008 — each year I update it and here is your 2012 edition!

How to have a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Guys let me let you in on a little secret it is just another day.You shouldn’t wait for a specific day like Valentine’s Day (or your anniversary) to show your Niagara Falls Sweetheart that you care.  Trust me, anything done on this list for no reason at all will delight your sweetheart!

But that is not an excuse for doing nothing for your sweetheart.Ladies if your guy is one that doesn’t have a clue print this list and circle your favorites and tape it to the mirror tonight!

So for all those men that have waited to the last minute to do something for Valentine’s Day for their Niagara Falls sweetheart, here are a few ideas for you to make the day special in Niagara Falls NY:

On a budget in the Honeymoon Capital of the World?Romance is not about how much you spend, but the quality of the time you spend together. How about bundling up and taking in the view at the Falls?There is nothing more romantic than a leisurely walk around the falls with fresh snow (yes it is in the forecast).

Free to spend a little more money and want to wow your Niagara Falls Sweetheart? Perhaps you are thinking of proposing this Valentine’s Day?Why not propose on a billboard like Jonathan Taylor did.
Go the traditional route. Take your Niagara Falls Sweetheart out to dinner. Niagara Falls is full of wonderful locally owned restaurants to select from:

So you really want to purchase the truly unique and one of a kind Niagara Falls Valentine Gift?How about purchasing your Niagara Falls Sweetheart a piece of Niagara County Real Estate and start building that nest egg for the future?
Ok, a little out of your budget and you were thinking a little more along the lines jewelry instead of Real Estate. Understandable, but don’t forget me when it is time to buy or sell Real Estate in Niagara Falls NY! Here are a few Niagara Falls Jewelry Stores you might just find the perfect trinket for your Niagara Falls Sweetheart:

  1. Firth Jewelers 2435 Military Road Niagara Falls NY 14304 (716) 297-2210
  2. George Edwards Jewelers 2131 Sawyer Drive Niagara Falls NY 14304 (716) 731-1537
  3. Reeds Jewelers 1401 Military Road Niagara Falls NY (716) 297-4343
  4. Whiteknights Fine Jewelry 7624 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls NY 14304 (716) 283-1007
Don’t forget the Niagara Wine Trail! Niagara County has several wonderful wineries that you could take advantage of this Valentine’s Day! You have several dining Options on the Wine Trail include:

  • Thaxton’s Dinner House 5949 Campbell Blvd. Lockport NY 14094 (716) 434-6020
  • Basket Factory 2 Watson Avenue Middleport NY 14105 (716) 735-9260
  • Bistro at the Old Fort Inn  110 Main Street Youngstown NY 14174 (716) 745-7141
  • DeFlippo’s Restaurant 326 West Avenue Lockport NY 14094 (716) 433-2913
Flowers! What is Valentine’s Day without Flowers? Here are a few Florists in the area that would be able to create that bouquet to remember or get a single rose from:

  1. Enchanted Florist & Gift Gallery 2412 Military Road Niagara Falls NY 14304 (716) 754-8888
  2. Harris & Lever Florist 1225 Main Street Niagara Falls NY 14301 (716) 282-4400
Book a room at one of the local bed and breakfasts in Niagara County!

  • Butler House Bed & Breakfast located at 751 Park Place Niagara Falls NY 14304 (716) 284-9846
  • Elizabeth House Bed & Breakfast 327 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls NY 14303 (716) 285-1109
  • Hanover House Bed & Breakfast 610 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls NY 14303 (716) 278-1170
  • Holley-Rankine House Bed & Breakfast  525 Riverside Drive Niagara Falls NY 14303 (716) 285-4790
  • Manchester House Bed & Breakfast 653 Main Street Niagara Falls NY 14301 (716) 285-5717
  • Niagara Seasons Bed & Breakfast 724 Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls NY 14303 (716) 284-3680
  • Park Place Bed & Breakfast 740 Park Place Niagara Falls Ny 14301 (716) 282-4626
  • Rainbow House Bed & Breakfast 423 Rainbow Blvd. S Niagara Falls NY 14303 (716) 282-1135
  • Asa Ransom House is an intimate historic village in.
  • Wilson House Restaurant and Inn has overnight wine tour packages
  • The Red Coach Inn has an Old English charm about it. Two Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls NY 14303 (716) 282-1459
  • The Fyfe & Drum Inn has charming accommodations in a historic 1850’s Victorian home in Youngstown, just 10 minutes from the Falls.
Chocolate is always a hit! Something sweet for your sweetheart, here are a few places that you can always get great candy from in Niagara Falls:

  1. Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets is the official chocolate for the City of Niagara Falls!   So why wouldn’t you call them at (716) 304-6803 to create that special gift for your sweetheart?
  2. Fowler’s Fine Chocolate 754 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo NY 14222 (716) 885-2183
  3. Platter’s Chocolates 954 Oliver Street North Tonawanda NY 14120 (
  4. Watson’s Chocolates  8337 Niagara Falls Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14304 (716) 283-1732
  5. Victorian Rose  2391 Niagara Road Niagara Falls NY 14304 (716) 731-2544

Go to Pi Pastry Shop in the Town of Niagara and order the most delightful treats for your sweetheart!    Call ahead and order something special or visit their facebook page to find out more!  Tell Eileen I sent you!
Pi Pastry Shop specializing in Sweet & Savory Pies & Cannoli, Florintinas, Scones, and more.  Cream Pies, Fruit Pies, Savory Pocket Pies.  Baked to Order.

2569 Military Road  Niagara Falls, NY

HOURS Tues. – Sun. 9-2pm  Closed Mondays

Take your Niagara Falls Sweetheart to the Casino for a little gambling!Or take advantage of my Valentine’s List for Marco Island and book a trip down to Florida and enjoy the warm breezes off the Gulf of Mexico!

Now that is romantic!

What every you decide to do, have a very Happy Valentine Day!

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    I think one of the best gifts that goes unmentioned is a very heartfelt love letter to that special someone. My wife melts when I write her stuff.

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    What a list of places and things to do for Valentines Day!

    I’m glad I found it on the web. I was just looking for things to do and I came across this great list.

    Thank you and have yourself and your beau a wonderful and romantic Valentines Day.


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