Replacement Windows in your WNY homes future?

Windows for your home

Do you need Replacement Windows?

Are you thinking about Replacement Windows in your WNY home?  Here are some quick facts for any consumer thinking about purchasing and installing replacement windows.  At first glance they seem to be simple pieces of glass placed in the wall, but closer attention will bring to light important details.

Energy Savings

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, leaky windows account for 25 percent of the average household energy bill. The Energy Department says homeowners can cut electricity costs by about 15 percent if they install Energy Star rated windows.

Noise reduction

Double-pane glass windows reduce noise pollution. Double-pane windows have up to one inch of air between the two panes of glass. According to housing publication Better Homes and Gardens, thicker glass and more air between panes equals better noise reduction.

Typical Window Lifespan

Most manufactured windows should be replaced every 20 years. Ways to tell if a window should be replaced include:

  • Holding a candle in front of a closed window to see if the flame moves from a draft
  • Condensation gathering on the window

Natural Lighting

One thing’s a given when it comes to windows: they let light into the building. If lighting is a prime consideration, than adding skylights may be something you might want to consider. Skylights allow 30 percent more light into a home than standard vertical windows.

If you have decided to replace the windows in your home, you will want to know that there are possible tax credits that you can take advantage of this home improvement.

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