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If you are selling your home by yourself you may not be aware of many aspects the sale of your home that a Realtor® takes care of at the time of listing. Eventually you are going to have to answer these questions. Isn’t it better if you answer them before you get asked by a potential Western New York Buyer?

Questions like:

  • Do you know what forms you will need, contracts and disclosures required by law?
  • How soon can you move?
  • Are you willing to take a contingent offer based on the buyer being able to sell their home?
  • Would you consider selling your home Rent to Own?
  • Do you know what are seller concessions?
  • Are you willing to make concessions to the buyer?
  • Can the buyer assume your current mortgage? If so, what rate and on what terms?
  • Do you know what should be in a sales contract?
  • What protection(s) do you want to put in the offer-to-purchase for yourself?
  • How are you going to handle home inspections?
  • Do you understand what an appraisal is?
  • How are you going to qualify potential buyers?
  • What earnest money deposit do you require?
  • What closing costs are you willing to pay?
  • Are you going to work with Real Estate Buyer’s Agents? If so, what will you pay them if they bring the buyer?

Many times, by not answering these questions up front before you put your home for sale, it puts you at a disadvantage. Potential buyers many times would rather work with representation and skip over your home for sale. Do you really want to miss time and potential money by doing all this work yourself?

If you are interested in hiring a professional that knows what it takes to get a successful sale, call me at (716) 650-0051 today, or fill out my contact form below.

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About Colleen Kulikowski, Associate Real Estate Broker (716) 650-0051

Colleen Kulikowski is an Associate Real Estate Broker with J. Philip Real Estate specializing in Western New York residential homes who doesn’t follow trends; she blazes new trails and is able to recognize industry trends and implement them to her client’s best interest. Colleen has created a unique following with one of the top local internet positions in the country generating thousands of leads for her team. Real Estate is a second career for Kulikowski who’s first career was in Information Technology and Data Warehousing working for such companies as Radio City Music Hall, Nabisco Foods and as a consultant in the Financial and Insurance industries. A strong background in technology and management provides her with keen analytical and sharp negotiating skills.