Why pricing is so important in the sale of your Buffalo home!

There is much discussion on how to get your Buffalo Home sold. In today’s competitive Real Estate market the price you have your Buffalo home listed at is very important to getting sold. The price you start your Buffalo home for sale at will determine how long it will take to sell your home.

Why is it that some Buffalo homes sit on the market for sale for weeks and months. Yet others sell quickly with multiple offers in a Buyer’s Market? It has everything to do with pricing your Buffalo home correctly.

But I am losing money!

I know you thinking to yourself, but if I lower the price on my Buffalo home for sale; I am losing money. If you haven’t had an offer in the past 30 days and it has been longer than that you can remember a showing it all boils down to the price of the home. Western New York home appreciation can only be calculated once YOU close on a property that you own.

What is Appreciation

How to feel confident about your home purchase

Zestimates Good or Bad

I just want my home SOLD!

Now how is that good news? Now that you understand price is the driving factor, you are now empowered to price your home correctly to attract the Buffalo home buyers that are ready, willing and able to purchase your home. Call me to discuss the importance of pricing of your Buffalo home at (716) 650-0051.

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