Buffalo Relocation Guide 8

Need more reasons why to relocate to Buffalo NY? Perhaps you are considering relocation to the Greater Buffalo region and need more information. Let me assist you in the process of deciding Buffalo is right for you! Call me today (716) 650-0051 to find out more and receive my free customized Buffalo Relocation Guide for you.

You will be curious to know about Buffalo Communities, the individual neighborhoods of Buffalo and find resources to assist you in deciding that Buffalo NY is for you! This website is packed full of community information, market reports and information to assist you in the purchase of your Buffalo home!

When people speak of Buffalo they don’t always mean just the city of Buffalo. In fact many of those that live in the seven counties of Western New York will refer to themselves as Buffalonians. The pride in the area is that strong. So communities like Amherst, Cheektowaga, Lewiston, Grand Island, North Tonawanda, Williamsville, Orchard Park are just a few of the Buffalo communities here.

Helpful information regarding the STAR Exemption

School Tax Relief Exemption (STAR) Information Basic STAR (no age limit and Income under $500,000) Application RP-425 completed and signed Ownership of 1,2 or 3 family home or condominium Must be primary residence Copies of two (2) proofs of residency per household must accompany application Acceptable forms of proof include: […]

Earnest Money Deposit on your new Buffalo home purchase 4

What is Earnest Money Deposit? When you write an offer to purchase your Western New York dream home you will place an “earnest money” deposit. This deposit shows the seller that you’re serious about the offer to purchase the property. The amount of earnest money deposit varies based on the […]

Questions to ask a Realtor

Finding the Right REALTOR With so many REALTORS around, how do you go about finding one that is right for you?  Here are some questions to help you decide on an agent. What types of specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home?  (Look for someone […]

1031 Tax Exchanges | The Basics 1

A 1031 exchange can defer the capital gain taxes that are due when you sell property that has increased in value or been depreciated for tax purposes. Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on the exchange of like-kind property. A 1031 Tax Exchange, or tax-deferred, exchanges hold great advantages for real estate investors.

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What is a SONYMA Mortgage? 7

First time home buyers have many options beyond FHA. Mortgage Option for First Time Homebuyers If you are a first time home buyer currently living in a 2 family home, wouldn’t you love to own it and have your tenants pay part or most of your mortgage?  As a first […]

Options for those without a down payment

The first step is financing your dream home is Selecting a Mortgage Professional to determine what you can afford and how much money you will need for a down payment and closing costs. Before you go house shopping you need to understand where you stand financially and what you can […]

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What every homeowner needs to know about Lock Bumping 3

According to Wikipedia Lock Bumping is: Lock bumping is a lock picking technique for opening a pin tumbler lock using a specially-crafted bump key. One bump key will work for all locks of the same type. You have changed the locks on your property, does that mean that the property […]

My Luxury Home Won’t Sell! 17

Pricing your home correctly is crucial to the successful sale of you home. This is an article I wrote for the Marco Island Real Estate Market that Western New York Sellers can learn from and hopefully not make the same mistake and Chase the Market Down.

The American Saftey Standard gets a Facelift!

A Facelift to an American Safety Standard As we all know in Western New York, the safety standard that we have all come to rely on is the good ole deadbolt. The deadbolt has been around for decades and is a standard feature in all single and multi-family dwellings, dorm […]


Wacky Ways to get your Home Sold! 1

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Read Also: Can Burying a St. Joseph ensure a home Sale? For more information call Colleen Kulikowski (716) 650-0051   Thinking of selling your Western New York home? Interested in finding out the current market value of your […]

Home Staging Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated 1

Julie Dana, ASP Staging for Buffalo NY area was featured on WIBV TV segment about banishing the winter blues. This is a perfect example of how simple changes in a home can change the look and feel of the home. In this competitive Real Estate market, it is important that […]

What should I check during the final walk through? 2

Congratulations! It is time for that final walk through of your new Western New York home. Up until now it has been a whirlwind of activity–contract negotiations, home inspection, attorney review, mortgage approval. This is your final step before signing all of the papers to make this Western New York […]

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How Can I Afford to Buy a New Home 5

How Can I Afford to Buy a New Home? So often there are buyers that think that they cannot get a mortgage for a home that they are dreaming of owning. But there are several financing options out there for buyers. Some you may know and others that you may […]

WNY Are you Stuck in Analysis Paralysis? 2

Yes you the guy sitting on the fence! And You with the overpriced listing sitting in the corner! Are you over analyzing what is happening in the Western New York Real Estate Market? There are some general rules that if you follow when making a decision to or Real Estate […]

Newspaper advertising and your home for sale 6

Times are changing and so are the ways that buyers are searching for a home in Western New York. The newspaper at one point in time was the most efficient way to get your home in front of a buyer. That was then, this is now. Today, the Internet is the most efficent manner of getting a home in front of potential Western New York buyers.

Kitchen Island Design Trends

No kitchen is complete without an interior island. Unlike old-fashioned models, these brand new ones are smaller and much more practical. Mick De Giulio who wrote the article “Kitchen Centric” and who works at De Giulio kitchen design says that building an island is like having a social center in […]

Your Buffalo Home – Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent to Represent YOU! 8

Selling your Buffalo home should be treated as any other transaction. It should be made without emotional involvement. Many times Buffalo Sellers use their hearts instead of their heads when making such an important decision as listing their home for sale. By not thinking objectively, it costs Buffalo home sellers important time and money.