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Let’s Get Serious Western New York Sellers!

Selling your Western New York Home

Do You Really Want to Sell?

We thought so! If you don’t really want to sell, and you are just testing the market get your property off the market. NOW! No reason to read the rest of this article.

Those that are serious about selling, you need to read this. We are giving this to you straight, we are not going to sugar coat it for you. You want hearts and flowers and are told what you want to hear, we are not the Real Estate office for you.

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Is Your Thinking Getting in the Way?

The Western New York Real Estate Market is flooded, and prices are changing. The times have definitely changed. Has your thinking? It is a Buyers Market in WNY in some segments, and in other segments well priced homes are selling in hours. Do you really understand the realities of what Buyer’s Market means to you the Seller? Let’s be realistic, we are now in a Buyer’s Market. The papers are all full of the doom and gloom. That means we need to be realistic in our approach of the sale of your WNY home if we are going to be successful at getting you the highest price for your home.

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First off, let’s acknowledge that your Western New York home you have cherished and loved is no longer your home, but your house. We need to remove as much emotion from this as possible. First reality you must face-the things you did to make your house a home, may not be the features that sell your home. Those things bring value, but they were for you! The improvements made living in your Western New York home enjoyable — FOR YOU. Most likely what you have done may not appeal to today’s WNY Buyers. They may even think of those improvements as a negative.

Och! Bitter pill we know, but the sooner you realize this the easier it will be for you.

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Second reality all that money that you thought you were going to make you are not. Western New York Buyers have lots of choices, so you have to be the best priced Western New York home with the most to offer. Another reality is the fact that most buyers don’t want a fixer upper. There are two reasons for this, they are using every bit of money to purchase and will not have the spending money after purchase to make such improvements. The second group of buyers are busy professionals with plenty of cash and they are purchasing the homes that are move in ready. Those that are purchasing “fixer upper homes” are investors and they are bargain hunting, because they are going to purchase the home, make the homes move in ready and turning around and selling at a profit.

Now take a deep breath and let’s adjust your expectations. Look at what is happening today in the WNY Real Estate Market and be prepared for the offer when it does come in. It might be harder to sell now, but it is not impossible.

Stop Chasing the Market Down!

Before you place your Western New York home on the market here are some things you can do to ensure a quick sale of your WNY home. Besides, cleaning it up and preparing it for sale, the single most important thing you can do is:

Price your home correctly.

The first 30 days you are on the market are the most important. Eight percent of our marketing is dependent on the price. Over price the home, we are in the wrong place and your property will not be seen by the most likely ready, willing and able Western New York Buyers.

Are you starting to understand the importance of pricing yet?

Price your home correctly and it will sell, don’t and you will start chasing the market down. Do you really want to set us up for failure by not listening to us? To get your WNY home sold you simply must be the best priced, greatest condition Western New York home in the range your home is in.

Getting your home sold is the objective!

For showings, make sure your home looks and smells nice. It will affect how the WNY buyer will formulate their offer.

Remember that today Western New York Buyers have lots of options. What worked in the past in a negotiation will not go over very well in this WNY Real Estate Market. Here are some things you need to do when an offer comes in:

Respond immediately when an offer is received. Western New York Buyers don’t have to wait for you. This means you need to be prepared to review all offers and listen to us about potential counter offers.

Most Real Estate purchases are emotional ones. The further away the buyer becomes emotionally from your WNY Home the more critical they become. They might continue to look at property while they wait.

Do you really want to run the risk of Buyers finding another Western New York home that they like better?

As a general rule, your first offer will be your best offer. Don’t think that if you hold out for an additional, that you will get it. Can you really afford not to take the offer on the table? What if you have to hold the home for another 6 months until the next offer which might be considerably less than the one you have now? Is that a risk you are willing to take?

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Together we can achieve a successful sale in as short amount of time netting you the greatest amount for your Western New York home. Remember a bird in the hand better than two in the bush! Call us today at (716) 650-0051 or fill out the form below for a free CMA of your WNY home. Let us get started on getting your WNY home SOLD!

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