My Buffalo home is about to expire! 2

My current listing contract is about to expire!

Your Buffalo area home is about to expire and you are understandably frustrated. You have great plans for a new Buffalo area home and you just can’t understand why your home has not sold. You love your home, it has been wonderful for you, but why is it that nobody else wants it? At this point you have lost confidence in your current Buffalo Realtor®, and you probably are searching the Internet to find the right person to sell you Buffalo home.

Why your home is about to expire

Time to face the ugly monster in the room — the truth.

5979-washington-frontLet’s face it, you have been on the market six or more months and you have not sold. There are many reasons why you home has not sold, and they all come back to price. Another fact about pricing, if you home doesn’t sell in the first 30 days, it is directly related to the price. Plain and simple, you priced your Buffalo home too high for the current market conditions.

You probably have heard one or more of the following:

  • The buyer found another Buffalo home they put an offer on
  • The buyer wanted …
  • Your home wasn’t for the buyer
  • The market is slow, have patience
  • no feedback whatsoever

Your current Realtor® probably has suggested:

  • several price reductions
  • home staging
  • professional cleaning
  • planting flowers, a new welcome mat
  • change in the showing instructions
  • extending the listing and see what happens

We want to be your Realtor®

We established that you are not happy with your current Realtor® and that you may want to work with someone else. Why use us instead of your current Realtor®? What makes myself and my different from the rest of the Real Estate professionals that are out there?

  • We are full time agents. Many times you will encounter an agent that does this on the side, doesn’t market to attract buyers or poorly showcases a community. I am part of a team that together we are able to serve all your Real Estate needs. We are here to serve your needs.
  • Our Internet presence. You found this article because I wanted you to. The same with how I market homes for sale. I ensure that I use the wide variety of websites that are out there to showcase your home. But I do not stop there, I write to attract buyers too! For that I use a variety of non-traditional methods to market your home for sale in addition to the traditional.
  • Our experience. I have not only worked here in Western New York, bu worked the luxury Florida market as well. I understand how to best market any home for sale. I know how to not only market on the Internet, but working the community. The Buyer Agents that I work with have a variety of experience and are some of the most progressive Realtors in Western New York.
  • We are deeply involved with the community at large, both with our profession and our interests.   We serve on several local boards and
  • We are findable on the Internet as is this and the several other websites that we have on the Internet.   We have profiles on all the major Real Estate resources.

I would love to sit down with you and go over my team marketing plan and how we can make a difference in the selling of your home for sale. Together we can achieve your Real Estate goals. Call me today at (716) 650-0051 to set a time to review your home and develop a plan to get it sold.


Selection of Homes for your consideration:

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About Colleen Kulikowski, Associate Real Estate Broker (716) 650-0051

Colleen Kulikowski is an Associate Real Estate Broker with J. Philip Real Estate specializing in Western New York residential homes who doesn’t follow trends; she blazes new trails and is able to recognize industry trends and implement them to her client’s best interest. Colleen has created a unique following with one of the top local internet positions in the country generating thousands of leads for her team. Real Estate is a second career for Kulikowski who’s first career was in Information Technology and Data Warehousing working for such companies as Radio City Music Hall, Nabisco Foods and as a consultant in the Financial and Insurance industries. A strong background in technology and management provides her with keen analytical and sharp negotiating skills.

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