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They say that searching for a dream home can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Searching with your spouse, it can be compounded by different expectations.  When you start your home search it is important to clearly define what you can afford and what you desire and the items that are absolute deal breakers for you. The more clearly you have your requirements defined, the lower the stress level experienced.

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First things first – how much home can you afford?

If you are going to need a mortgage to purchase the home, then you need to meet with a mortgage professional and at the very least get pre-qualified, preferably pre-approved for that mortgage.  This is the time to make sure you clear up any issues that may get in your way of obtaining a mortgage.   It will assist us once we identify a home for you, make the very best offer possible.

Once we have your financing secured, we know the price range you want to search in.

Now we need to decide where you want to live

  • Do you want to live in DeVeaux section of Niagara Falls?   Would you rather live in Amherst? Clarence?  Cheektowaga?  West Seneca?
  • Perhaps you want to be in Allentown in Downtown Buffalo?   Once you decide where, you have to decide what you want to call home.   Do you want to live in a single-family home or a multi-family home?
  • Perhaps a multi-family home that you can collect rent to help with the mortgage payment.
  • Perhaps you want the convenience of living in a condo.

What will make you happy

Then you need to make the list of absolutes, nice to haves and wish list items.   Now the fun begins!  We can start looking at homes for your Western New York dream home.  Put this list in writing, you will need it later on.

After looking at several homes, you find the perfect home.  We make the offer, it has been accepted. You now need to plan your move, start planning how you are going to decorate your new WNY home and make new friends in your new neighborhood.   Now you may be a bit nervous and worried if you made the right decision.  This is where you pull your original list and reassure yourself that this is the right WNY home for you!

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