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Want to sell you home for top dollar and fewest days on the market?

Good news, we have the same objective! A short meeting with me, could save you MONTHS of aggravation! Marking your home for sale is not just put it on the MLS and that is it. It takes a lot of effort that many Real Estate professionals just don’t do. It starts with the pricing of your home for sale and then the Real Estate advertising of your home for sale.

Advertising Real Estate is changing dramatically with technology. We can tell you what does not work today to advertise your home for sale in Western New York:

Magazine Ads – They do not work. Many times these ads must be placed weeks before print, and frustrated home buyers do not trust them for accurate information. Pick up a real estate magazine and compare it to one from a year ago. Notice how much smaller these ads are, as agents stop throwing away money because it does not work in getting homes sold.

Print Ads – They do not work.  It is just one tool in your home sale.  You’ve seen the full page ads in the Buffalo News and the Niagara Gazette. It is a recruitment tool for the office to entice agents to join them because they get floor time. The numbers listed in newspaper ads are usually for the office. These ads are to capture potential buyers.  Yes it gives you additional exposure, and again, it should not be the only advertising done.

Web Sites – The largest problem with most Western New York websites for Realtors® is the they cannot found by the public. Secondly they rely on sites that send them leads instead of creating content that pulls the consumer to them. Other sites are what we call ˜ego site’- all about the agent and how great they are. Reality is Buyers are looking for homes for sale. The last thing about websites are that they are not easy to navigate. So ask yourself, can you find the website of your Realtor® on the search engines?   And when you get there is there current information for buyers answering their questions.

What Works to get your home sold:

  • Homes for sale priced correctly for the market
  • Web Sites. 80% of buyers looking for homes hit the internet first!
  • The sign out front
  • Just listed mailings to a targeted group right for your home
  • Networking with Realtors® and Mortgage Professionals, this is a business of networking and putting buyers and sellers together
  • Networking with members of the community, how well you can create the buzz and interest in your home for sale is very important
  • Correctly listing your home on the MLS with correct data
What we do for our sellers:
  • Extensive marketing campaign of your home
  • Assistance with the presentation of your home, if necessary a professional stager will be suggested
  • Buyers that we bring to your Western New York home are pre-qualified

What we do:

  1. Effective pricing to sell your home
  2. Internet Advertising of your home
  3. Solid advice to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar

Are you looking to sell your Western New York home? We would like to speak with you regarding your real estate goals and help you get your Western New York home sold. Call Colleen Kulikowski at (716) 650-0051 or fill out the form below.

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Colleen Kulikowski is an Associate Real Estate Broker with J. Philip Real Estate specializing in Western New York residential homes who doesn’t follow trends; she blazes new trails and is able to recognize industry trends and implement them to her client’s best interest. Colleen has created a unique following with one of the top local internet positions in the country generating thousands of leads for her team. Real Estate is a second career for Kulikowski who’s first career was in Information Technology and Data Warehousing working for such companies as Radio City Music Hall, Nabisco Foods and as a consultant in the Financial and Insurance industries. A strong background in technology and management provides her with keen analytical and sharp negotiating skills.