Your home’s job interview — the Home Showing! 4

Home Showing is like a job interview.

You would not dare show up to your job interview without wearing a freshly pressed suit, your hair done nicely, polished shoes, and a well written resume. So why is it that you let your home go to an interview with a stained suit, looking like it rolled out of bed, bringing the kids, and no resume?

Selling your Buffalo home involves a great presentation. Like in a job interview it is hard to overcome your first impression. Buyers have many options available to them in the Buffalo area. How can a potential home seller make sure that they have their best foot forward in this interview process?

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It starts with your listing agent. What are they doing to market your home for sale? This is your resume.

  • Look at their materials, take a hard look at their website and social media presence

    • See how well they rank in searches for your area on the search engines.
    • Check the addresses of their current listings, what do you find?
  • Look at their photos, do they create a youtube video featuring your home?
  • Do they create a brochure?

Your home’s best presentation

Ok now let’s look how your home looks at the interview (home showing). Make sure that when the buyer drives up they see a clean, well maintained yard. Mailbox in good condition, the home number easily seen and the general exterior of your home in good shape. It is springtime in Western New York, flowers in the beds are a nice touch.

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With regards to the interior, make sure everything is clean and fresh. Flowers are a nice touch, a sented candle burning, refreshments for the buyers are nice touches too. But more importantly, the clutter removed, beds made, window coverings open and all the lights in working order are more important.

This is an important aspect of your home’s showing and is inconvenient for you you. I know you are not going to like what I have to say. You would not bring your children, your dog or cat to a job interview. So get out of your Buffalo home when you have a showing. I have buyers that won’t go into a home if the seller is there.

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Homes take time to sell, especially if they are not priced correctly. You may have to be patient in the process, but you can sell your home.

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