Fall Home Staging Tips for your WNY Home!

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  • Your WNY lawn should green up now that the hot temperatures are cooling off.  The sun won’t be burning the grass now, so you should be able to showcase your WNY lawn by filling in any bald spots or areas where the grass is thinning.  Fall is also the time of leaves – make sure the lawn is raked and clear of debris.
  • Fall plantings in Western New York are so lush and colorful.  Use mums or other like plants to add color and interest to your landscape.
  • Make sure to keep your shrubs and trees are well trimmed.  This will tell the prospective WNY buyer that the landscaping has been well maintained.
  • Clear up the area of all clutter. By keeping it free of lawn furniture, ornaments, hoses, etc. your curb appeal will be improved.
  • Take a look at your drive way.  If concrete you might want to power wash it, if blacktop you might look into moving up that semi-annual resurfacing.  A clean driveway will indicate that it has been well maintained.
  • Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and inspected with any necessary repairs made. Poorly WNY maintained gutters and down spouts can lead to leaks within the home.
  • Make sure your screens and windows are squeaky clean – or store those screens so the windows show better.  Dirty, cloudy windows may lead the buyer to think the windows are old and need replacing.
  • Ensure that your outdoor lighting is in order and that they highlight the best features of your Western New York home.
  • Your front door and outside entry should be in good condition and welcoming; you might want to add a door hanging with rich fall colors.  Also make sure your Western New York door bell works well.
  • Don’t forget the street in front of your home – make sure the drains are clear and clean up any trash or leaves that have been blown into your area.
  • Another place to zero in on is your WNY mailbox.  This is a relatively inexpensive and easy item to update.  Make sure your house numbers are easily seen by the passing traffic.

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Many of the above items will apply no matter the season, but all of the items mentioned above will reassure the prospective buyer that they are looking at a home that has been well maintained.  Need help selling your WNY Home?  Call me today at (716) 650-0051 today or fill out the CMA request below:

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