Feeling like a Deer in the Headlights when it comes to Real Estate in Buffalo NY? 8

Are you Paralyzed in making a Real Estate Decision?

Are you over analyzing what is happening in the Western New York Real Estate Market? Are you listening to your Buffalo Realtor®’s advice? Yes you the couple in Niagara Falls sitting on the fence about purchasing a new home! And you with the overpriced listing sitting in North Buffalo chasing the market down! Stop for a moment and think about your ultimate Real Estate goal.

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There are some general rules that if you follow when making a decision to buy or sell Real Estate in Western New York that you use to ensure that you make a sound decision.

What do we mean by this? These are things to think about when you are trying to decide if now is a good time to purchase a WNY home or is it time to sell your Buffalo home:

Get with the times!

Western New York Seller’s tend to be 6 months behind what is going on in the market. So make sure that you always look at where the WNY market is headed, not where it has been.

SOLD Highest Price LEAST Amount of Days on the Market is your goal! Not what your Buffalo neighbors got for their house when they sold it last year!

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Take off the rose colored glasses!

Seller: You need to look at what is really going on in the market. Not what you think is going on, but what really is! Look at what has sold recently and what is on the market. Make sure that you are the best property in the bottom 25% of those listed.

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Buyers: You are not going to get a 4 bedroom home one 2 acres for $50,000. Get off the Fence! Buyers stop waiting for the market “to hit bottom”!   In many areas in WNY we have

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Well think about the possibility that you could end up having to purchase less of a Niagara Falls house because interest rates go up when you perceive that the market has hit the bottom. If you are qualified, ready and able, plan on keeping your home 4 or more years – it is time to get off the fence and purchase that Western New York home!

Reality Check For WNY Real Estate!

Been on the market for 3 months with no activity? Cut your asking price and get your WNY home SOLD!

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Have a Plan! It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling Real Estate in the WNY area, make sure that you plan for the worst case scenario. Can you really afford to purchase a WNY home now? Are you stretching beyond your means?

We can help you buy or sell your dream home in Western New York! The first step is to call us today at (716) 650-0051.

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About Colleen Kulikowski, Associate Real Estate Broker (716) 650-0051

Colleen Kulikowski is an Associate Real Estate Broker with J. Philip Real Estate specializing in Western New York residential homes who doesn’t follow trends; she blazes new trails and is able to recognize industry trends and implement them to her client’s best interest. Colleen has created a unique following with one of the top local internet positions in the country generating thousands of leads for her team. Real Estate is a second career for Kulikowski who’s first career was in Information Technology and Data Warehousing working for such companies as Radio City Music Hall, Nabisco Foods and as a consultant in the Financial and Insurance industries. A strong background in technology and management provides her with keen analytical and sharp negotiating skills.

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  • Candace

    Colleen – Great advice and to the point. With the inventory up, rates down NOW is a great time to buy. For sellers, there is nothing gained by wanting to chase the market and adjust, adjust…why not just put the best price out there and watch the result come. Greetings from AZ

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