For Sale By Owner

Selling tips for Owners trying to sell their homes by themselves in Western New York.

Do you know the magic three words in Western New York Real Estate? 6

By leaving your home on the market over-priced you are enabling your competition (other homes for sale) to look better because they are priced better and are more appealing than your Western New York home. Look long and hard at your competition, see why they have a SOLD sign and you do not. In the end you will see it boils down to the listing price.

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Preventing Costly Home Selling Mistakes 13

By not thinking objectively, important time is lost, money can be lost and so much more. To prevent this from happening to you, don’t make the three biggest mistakes when listing your Western New York home for sale. When selling your home it should be treated as any other transaction.

It should be made without emotional involvement, but many times WNY Sellers use their hearts instead of their heads when making such an important decision as listing their home for sale. So you are probably wondering what are the three of biggest mistakes that we see Buffalo Real Estate Sellers make.

Are you making them?

The Realtor Myths 2

There is a lot written on the Internet about Realtors. Some of it good, some not so good. It is human nature that you would want to know the dirt on Realtors. The Internet is a great place to find it.

Yes there are a few bad apples out there, but every industry has them. Don’t let some of the bad Realtors sour your opinion on the whole profession.

Realtors are not trusted by consumers because of misinformation. Perhaps it is a few misconceptions people have about our profession. I have to battle this misinformation on a regular basis. In an effort to help you; I thought it was about time to discuss some of these Realtor Myths:

Questions to answer before you put your home up for sale by yourself… 1

If you are selling your home by yourself you may not be aware of many aspects the sale of your home that a Realtor® takes care of at the time of listing. Eventually you are going to have to answer these questions. Isn’t it better if you answer them before […]


What do Great Artists and For Sale By Owners have in common? 4

Art Galleries fascinate me. I can spend hours and hours browsing an Art Gallery and never purchase a thing. Yes I want the many beautiful pieces of art, but I cannot afford them. Kinda sounds like a few buyers of Buffalo Real Estate that are shopping today? Open house shoppers […]

You Need to Get Serious to Get Your Home SOLD! 22

Let’s Get Serious Western New York Sellers! Do You Really Want to Sell?

We thought so! If you don’t really want to sell, and you are just testing the market get your property off the market. NOW! No reason to read the rest of this article.

Those that are serious about selling, you need to read this. We are giving this to you straight, we are not going to sugar coat it for you. You want hearts and flowers and are told what you want to hear, we are not the Real Estate professionals for you.

The American Saftey Standard gets a Facelift!

A Facelift to an American Safety Standard As we all know in Western New York, the safety standard that we have all come to rely on is the good ole deadbolt. The deadbolt has been around for decades and is a standard feature in all single and multi-family dwellings, dorm […]

Your Buffalo Home – Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent to Represent YOU! 8

Selling your Buffalo home should be treated as any other transaction. It should be made without emotional involvement. Many times Buffalo Sellers use their hearts instead of their heads when making such an important decision as listing their home for sale. By not thinking objectively, it costs Buffalo home sellers important time and money.

Get Out of Buyer’s Way! 6

It is an uncomfortable situation going through someone else home. If the home owner is there, buyers feel rushed to get out because they are on edge. The last thing you want is a buyer feeling uncomfortable while they are looking. First impressions are everything. Their first impression of your home for sale is that they were uncomfortable. If you don’t think that will have an effect, think again!

For Sale By Yourself in Buffalo NY? 12

Selling your Western New York home by yourself there are many things that you have to think about. For Sale by Owners have a lot to do get their homes sold and they are at a disadvantage to get it right the first time. One of the most important things when selling your WNY home by your self is all the details.