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Investing in Real Estate is very popular in Western New York and we are seeing an influx of investors. Find out information regarding Investing in Real Estate in Western New York.

If it seems too good to be true…. 5

Real Estate Investment is a Business Being a successful Real Estate investor in WNY (or anywhere for that matter) takes a lot of hard work. You cannot achieve it by just showing up, with little money or effort. Potential WNY investors call all the time from around the country. They […]

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Seller’s Market Version – How to get a great real estate deal! 1

I hear it on a regular basis from Western New York Buyers: “I want a Great Real Estate deal!” Makes you think of the popular TV game show “Let’s Make A Deal!” There sometimes you get a flashy sports car, and sometimes you left with his and her bicycles or […]

Observations of For Sale By Owner

Dangers of being a For Sale By Owner!!!! Several years ago, while working in Celebration Florida Real Estate Market I had a conversation with an owner of a For Sale By Owner recently that shocked me.   Now I seem to have it at an increasing rate.    Often, they don’t want […]

Five Biggest Real Estate Myths 8

discussing the Five Biggest Real Estate Myths. This is something that I think both Buyers and Sellers need to watch. I am always asked “Is this a good time to sell?” or “Should I purchase a home in WNY now?” Those are loaded questions folks. You cannot answer them generally. […]

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What there are multiple offers on the Western New York house I want? 3

There is a lot of talk in the media about the Buyers Market so you think “Wow! I can get a great deal in purchasing a Western New York home!” You are dreaming of purchasing a $150,000 home for $75,000, have the sellers pay all of your closing costs, make […]

Handyman Specials and Fixer uppers; are they good investments? 9

If you are the type of person who recognizes a great deal in a fixer uper, you’ll know a great deal when you see one. There are many types of homes to purchase, brand new homes all perfect is what we dream about. But some of the best homes may be less than perfect. Shriveled plants, weeds, wallpaper needing removing, peeling paint, or a cracked driveway are problems that sellers must often fix before their house goes on the market. These homes have the potential of being a great way to make money quickly on as an investor.


Selling your WNY Home? 1

Congratulations! You have come to the right place on the Internet!

You are going to be moving to another chapter in your life. Perhaps you are downsizing because the kids have grown and moved away, or you are just starting your family and your current home is too small. Perhaps you are relocating for a new job. No matter the reason, you will have lots of questions about the Real Estate Market and how to go about sellling your Western New York home.

We have the Real Estate Answers you seek! Even if you Are You Facing Foreclosure in WNY there are resources here for you!


Is your Property Manager licensed?

Hello Albany — we have a problem! This is something that is not new, but it is getting a little ridiculous. I am talking about Property Managers in New York State. In the past few weeks I have come across a Property Manager that tried to tell my home seller […]

What is a Real Estate Appraisal? 6

Why have an Appraisal? Appraisals are generally used once the buyer selects the house, applies for the mortgage. Banks want to make sure that the value matches the agreed sales price. That is not the only use of an appraisal. We use appraisals for those difficult homes that are hard […]

Lackawanna Multi-family homes for sale

Lackawanna Multi-Family Market Conditions

Latest Market Conditions for Lackawanna Multi-family Homes July 7, 2014 There are 10 active listings with an average list price of $96,380 ranging from $40,000 to $192,500 There are currently 10 pending/under contract sales and in the past 30 days there has been no closed sales YTD there has been […]