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Getting Mortgage Pre-approval 2

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage     So you’ve decided to buy a place of your own. Congratulations! It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. But before you start your search, there’s an important step you should take – get pre-approved. A pre-approval indicates that […]

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Is there such a thing as Sellers Remorse? 1

I have written about Buyer’s Remorse in the past, and I was reminded of it when I read a post over on a Real Estate website about Seller’s Remorse.  Let’s talk about how quickly a home can go under contract and what that means to you the seller.   The ideal […]

Buffalo Home Safety | Changing Your Locks 2

In all the excitement of searching for a home, getting the sale approved, your home inspected, and all the associated excitement of getting ready to move into your new Buffalo area home. The first thing after you leave the closing you need to change the locks.


Comparables – What are they and why you should care! 1

This has been a week of lots of comparing of homes for sale for our team. We have been dealing them for both buyers and sellers. You might not think that Comparable Sales (comps) are all that important, but you really need to pay attention to them. Because if you […]

Distressed Properties Resources

Here are a some of our most popular articles on Distressed Real Estate, commonly referred to as Foreclosures. Real Estate Explained | Deed In Lieu of foreclosure Deed in lieu of Foreclosure is defined by Wikipedia as:  “A Deed in lieu of foreclosure is a deed instrument in which a […]


Buyer’s Market Version – How to get a great Real Estate Deal in Western New York! 17

I hear it on a regular basis from Western New York Buyers: “I want a Great Real Estate deal!”

Makes you think of the popular TV game show “Let’s Make A Deal!” There sometimes you get a flashy sports car, and sometimes you left with his and her bicycles or worse.

Much like the For Sale by Owners, WNY Buyers that try to go it alone without the assistance of a Realtor have a difficult time.

It is a Buyers Market and the buyers have visions of purchasing Champagne homes on Beer Budgets. It is happening across the country Realtors are hearing from potential buyers. “Can you get me a great Real Estate deal?” Western New York Buyers are no different.

“I want a deal!” I hear it all of the time. But I have something for you to think about…

Do you deserve a Deal?

Town of Niagara Current Real Estate Market Report 4

Current Market Conditions for Town of Niagara Single Family Homes January 30, 2012 There are 19 active single family homes on the market in the Town of Niagara with an average list price of $162,177 ranging from $45,000 to $450,000 There are 8 pending/under contract and in the past 30 […]

Financial Planning for your Golden Years

Provided by For more information call Colleen Kulikowski (716) 650-0051   Thinking of selling your Western New York home? Interested in finding out the current market value of your single family home, condo or investment property? Then call at (716) 650-0051 to discuss what is happening in today’s […]

About your Powder Room…. 1

The Problem with Powder Rooms They are small and most people do not know how to make them special so they do very basic things to decorate them.   By not focusing on these small spaces many home owners affect the overall decorating plan of a home.   If you have a […]

Powder Rooms

Excellent reasons to not purchase a Home 19

We always talk about about what a great time it is to purchase a home in WNY, but there are some very sound reasons why you might not want to purchase a WNY home at this time. Even though you may have the financial resources and the desire to own your own home, it might not be the right time for YOU.

Yes you read that correctly. We have a reason to suggest that. There are so many times that we see where good people make poor decisions and then they find that they have to sell it too soon. Too often we find that we have to sell a home for a client that is in a tough spot, having to sell right after purchasing a home.

Low Appraisals Still Causing Problems in Some Deals 1

The real estate market is on the upswing – but are those improvements being reflected in home appraisals?  When many potential buyers push the selling price of a home higher than the asking price – which isn’t unusual in neighborhoods where the demand is high – problems are arising because […]


MLS Frustration – Pending Sales

Is that home really still available? I hate looking like an idiot! And there are times that fellow Realtors actions do just that! Too often I go to show a listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and I call set up an appointment, show the home to people that […]