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In many ways, Niagara County is a wonderland. Mighty Niagara Falls one of the world’s natural wonders is at it’s western doorstep. Nearly surrounded by water on three sides, the county is a Mecca for water sports. Moreover, it is surrounded on two sides by Canada, giving it the status of an international port. In the climate of free trade between Canada and the United States, this status becomes enviable.

What Happens if my House Doesn’t Appraise for the Full Price? 1

Congratulations! You just got a better than full price offer on your home for sale after having multiple offers. You have gotten through Attorney Review and Home Inspection and the buyer is getting their mortgage approval. Everything is moving smoothly or so you think. The buyer’s mortgage company sends out […]

Getting Mortgage Pre-approval 2

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage     So you’ve decided to buy a place of your own. Congratulations! It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. But before you start your search, there’s an important step you should take – get pre-approved. A pre-approval indicates that […]

It happens… We may not be able to sell your home!

Last night there was a collective sigh of relief by Realtors around the country. These Realtors had a problem listing expire, and they couldn’t be happier. Every day homes expire without selling, often the Home Seller blames the Realtor that represented them. It is always easier to blame someone else […]



When your design choices get in the way of potential buyers

Decorating vs. Staging Does your Handyman Special have a stunning renovated price tag? Decorating is what you do for yourself. If you think back to when you purchased your home, you might remember the state the home was in when you purchased it. Chance are it was a far cry […]

Why You Should Consider an Advanced Home Inspection 2

When the time nears to sell your Buffalo home, one extra bit of due diligence can pay off in the most meaningful way: helping you to get the best return on your investment. It’s not a requirement that every listing agent may suggest, but particularly if yours is an older […]

Distressed Properties Resources

Here are a some of our most popular articles on Distressed Real Estate, commonly referred to as Foreclosures. Real Estate Explained | Deed In Lieu of foreclosure Deed in lieu of Foreclosure is defined by Wikipedia as:  “A Deed in lieu of foreclosure is a deed instrument in which a […]

Barbara Corcoran Home Staging Advice

I love the advice that Barbara Corcoran has for home sellers! I am part of her network of REALTORS around the country and I thought I would share her helpful tips for staging your home. Home Staging Advice by Barbara Corcoran For more information call Colleen Kulikowski (716) 650-0051   […]



Lewiston Homes – $100,000 to $200,000

Lewiston Homes between $100,000 and $200,000 current market conditions: May 22, 2015 There are 27 active listings with an average list price of $157,707 ranging from $105,000 to $210,000 There are 18 pending/under contract sales and in the past 30 days there has been 2 closed sales with an average […]

What is a HUD Home? 1

Many first time home buyers get into the Buffalo Real Estate market and purchase their first home with a HUD home.    There are some differences to a conventional sale and it is the buyer that is prepared that can then be ready to act when the right home comes up […]

Buffalo Suburban Communities 1

Buffalo Suburban Communities Amherst (Including Williamsville/Snyder) Amherst is a town in Erie County, New York, U.S., directly northeast of the City of Buffalo. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 116,510. This represents an increase from the 1990 census figure of 111,711. The town is […]

Lewiston Homes between $400,000-500,000 Market Report

Lewiston Homes for sale between $400,000 and $500,000 Market Conditions September 7, 2014 There are 7 active listings with an average list price of $470,371 ranging from $449,900 to $495,000 There are 2 pending/under contract sales and no closed sales year to date In 2013 there were 4 closed sale […]


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Lewiston Homes over $500,000 1

Lewiston is the kind of community that appeals to a lot of people with the quaint shops on Center Street, the beauty of the waterfront and the electric mix of the arts draws people to the area.   Lewiston is tucked just north of Niagara Falls in Niagara County rich in […]