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Foreclosure Trickle Down 5

I came across an interesting article this morning regarding the foreclosure crisis — on how Self-storage facilities are experiencing a high number of units not paying their bills. It is an interesting to see that what is happening as a direct result of the foreclosure crisis.  Not only are buyers […]

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Ways to Sabotage Your Home Sale 6

I understand that you really don’t want to sell your Western New York home. You have wonderful memories and you love your absolutely perfect WNY home. There is hope! Follow some of these tactics to ensure that you not only won’t get showings on your home for sale, you won’t get offers either!

What is a HUD Home? 1

Many first time home buyers get into the Buffalo Real Estate market and purchase their first home with a HUD home.    There are some differences to a conventional sale and it is the buyer that is prepared that can then be ready to act when the right home comes up […]

77 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value 3

Real estate is all about leverage and details. Whether you’re buying to flip, or just want to increase the return on the asset you live in, these tips can help you get top dollar for a house when you sell it. Here is a list of things you can do […]

Five Decorating Tips for your Western New York Home

How can I make more home more attractive — for me? Although the outside world can seem pretty gloomy these days,  Western New York can still be haven for their homeowners, and it doesn’t have to cost plenty of money to lift their spirits. Move the furniture around. Sometimes all […]



The Truth about Showing Feedback 1

I am sitting in the office late at night after a crazy day of showing properties, writing an offer, presenting the offer and scheduling my day for tomorrow. I had 3 of my properties shown today, two yesterday and 1 the day before. I have about 10 emails from other […]

Excellent reasons to not purchase a Home 19

We always talk about about what a great time it is to purchase a home in WNY, but there are some very sound reasons why you might not want to purchase a WNY home at this time. Even though you may have the financial resources and the desire to own your own home, it might not be the right time for YOU.

Yes you read that correctly. We have a reason to suggest that. There are so many times that we see where good people make poor decisions and then they find that they have to sell it too soon. Too often we find that we have to sell a home for a client that is in a tough spot, having to sell right after purchasing a home.

Overcoming WNY Buyer objections to your home

First impressions matter. Where do you think that impression is made? On the Internet, at the curb and actually walking through the home are where those impressions are made. Both positive and negative impressions can happen.

It is in your best interest that positive impressions happen. You might never have a second chance. The most important thing is the presentation of your WNY home for sale to potential Home Buyers. One way to over come Buyers potential objections is to stage your home and have it in perfect condition for each showing. Many home owners turn to professionals to Stage Their Homes.

Why it is so important to have a clean house when buyers view your home! 1

You are a busy professional, you have more than you can handle with work, your family life, your search for a new home that you really don’t have the time to clean your home. Let me give you motivation to putting the house cleaning on the top of your priority […]

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Showing Etiquette for Home Buyers

You have gotten your mortgage pre-approval, you have been looking at homes on-line and now you are ready to start to look at homes in person.   There is one thing that we need to talk about; what is and is not acceptable behavior when you are in someone’s home. Remember […]

Refinancing your mortgage 1

Are you considering refinancing your mortgage – in other words, taking out a new mortgage to pay off your existing mortgage? There are some very good reasons to refinance a mortgage. Among the most popular reasons for refinancing your mortgage is to reduce your monthly payment. If rates are lower […]

Options for those without a down payment

The first step is financing your dream home is Selecting a Mortgage Professional to determine what you can afford and how much money you will need for a down payment and closing costs. Before you go house shopping you need to understand where you stand financially and what you can […]

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WNY Are you Stuck in Analysis Paralysis? 2

Yes you the guy sitting on the fence! And You with the overpriced listing sitting in the corner! Are you over analyzing what is happening in the Western New York Real Estate Market? There are some general rules that if you follow when making a decision to or Real Estate […]