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Stop worring about your home value!

Should I worry about my Buffalo home’s value? As the Buffalo New York real estate market continues to play in the state of uncertainty, some values of are decreasing; some are not. You may be concerned about the fluctuation in values. Should you worry? Here is some advice — as […]



When your design choices get in the way of potential buyers

Decorating vs. Staging Does your Handyman Special have a stunning renovated price tag? Decorating is what you do for yourself. If you think back to when you purchased your home, you might remember the state the home was in when you purchased it. Chance are it was a far cry […]

Real Estate Explained | Home Owners Insurance 3

Once you sign the sales contract there are many details that have to happen.   One such detail on your closing checklist is obtain Home Owner’s Insurance. What good is a sizable nest egg if it’s left unprotected? To make sure your assets are properly covered, you need to consult someone […]


Barbara Corcoran Advice to sell your home

Great advice for home sellers! Great advice about listing after Superbowl Sunday! Nothing traditionally happens until after the Superbowl. When you do place your home on the market, remember pricing is the most important thing! Try to get on the market 10-15% below the current competition on the market. Get […]

Photography of your home 2

As a homeowner you may not be thinking of selling your home at this time. But you might in the future. And at that time it might not be so pretty or it could even be more spectacular than it is now. Try and take photographs of the exterior of your home in the variety of seasons so when the time does come you have a great photograph for your Realtor to use.

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Buffalo Suburban Communities 1

Buffalo Suburban Communities Amherst (Including Williamsville/Snyder) Amherst is a town in Erie County, New York, U.S., directly northeast of the City of Buffalo. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 116,510. This represents an increase from the 1990 census figure of 111,711. The town is […]

Winter Driving Tips 1

WNY Winter Driving Tips Driving in the snow is a reality here in Western New York.   If you have just moved to Western New York and this is your first winter, the first thing you need to learn how to drive in the snow.   Learning How to Drive in the […]

Questions to answer before you put your home up for sale by yourself… 1

If you are selling your home by yourself you may not be aware of many aspects the sale of your home that a Realtor® takes care of at the time of listing. Eventually you are going to have to answer these questions. Isn’t it better if you answer them before […]

Overcoming WNY Buyer objections to your home

First impressions matter. Where do you think that impression is made? On the Internet, at the curb and actually walking through the home are where those impressions are made. Both positive and negative impressions can happen.

It is in your best interest that positive impressions happen. You might never have a second chance. The most important thing is the presentation of your WNY home for sale to potential Home Buyers. One way to over come Buyers potential objections is to stage your home and have it in perfect condition for each showing. Many home owners turn to professionals to Stage Their Homes.

Curb Appeal — Fixes do not have to be expensive! 1

TODAY real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran reveals how your house can make the best first impression with only a few cosmetic touch-ups that provide needed curb appeal. Some great advice for home sellers… Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy For more information call Colleen […]


Does selling a home quickly indicate a great Buffalo REALTOR?

You want to be on the market for as short a time as possible. You just interviewed a few Buffalo REALTORS and they placed great emphasis on how many days their listings spent on the market. So is it a good idea to determine the agent you select by the […]

How to prevent Buyer’s Remorse from getting the best of you. 2

You see buying a home is not entirely an emotional process; some times you need to look at it logically. Everything went so fast since you started your search on the Internet, called the agent of the first listing that you really liked, and then you pre-qualified for the mortgage and saw a bunch of homes.

Should I stage my Western New York home?

Many times a staged home assists WNY Buyers to make that personal connection and help them purchase a home rather than a house. In a 2004 survey of Realtors®, almost two-thirds estimated that a staged home kept in show-to-sell condition sells for a price that is between 10% and 20% higher. You have decided to sell you Western New York home. You have a beautiful home that you decorated for your need and reflect your personal tastes. And in that lies the problem. It is deeply personal and it is your home. Buyers may have difficulty making that transition to seeing it as their home.