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Is there such a thing as Sellers Remorse? 1

I have written about Buyer’s Remorse in the past, and I was reminded of it when I read a post over on a Real Estate website about Seller’s Remorse.  Let’s talk about how quickly a home can go under contract and what that means to you the seller.   The ideal […]

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What Happens if my House Doesn’t Appraise for the Full Price? 1

Congratulations! You just got a better than full price offer on your home for sale after having multiple offers. You have gotten through Attorney Review and Home Inspection and the buyer is getting their mortgage approval. Everything is moving smoothly or so you think. The buyer’s mortgage company sends out […]

Why You Should Consider an Advanced Home Inspection 2

When the time nears to sell your Buffalo home, one extra bit of due diligence can pay off in the most meaningful way: helping you to get the best return on your investment. It’s not a requirement that every listing agent may suggest, but particularly if yours is an older […]


Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Home Loan

It’s a good idea to start working on improving your credit score several months before applying for a big loan, whether you’re buying a house, refinancing or buying a car. Boosting your score could help you qualify for a lower loan rate as well as save you thousands of dollars […]

Comparables – What are they and why you should care! 1

This has been a week of lots of comparing of homes for sale for our team. We have been dealing them for both buyers and sellers. You might not think that Comparable Sales (comps) are all that important, but you really need to pay attention to them. Because if you […]


Ten Properties For Sale in Alden NY

Thinking of selling your Alden home? Interested in finding out the current market value of your single family home, condo or investment property in Alden New York? Then call at (716) 650-0051 to discuss what is happening in today’s Western New York Real Estate Market. We would be happy […]

Selection of Alden NY homes for Sale


Low Appraisals Still Causing Problems in Some Deals 1

The real estate market is on the upswing – but are those improvements being reflected in home appraisals?  When many potential buyers push the selling price of a home higher than the asking price – which isn’t unusual in neighborhoods where the demand is high – problems are arising because […]

What the appliances are not included? 10

Over on a social network there has been a lengthy discussion regarding appliances and the sale of a home that I thought it would be important to discuss. This discussion was started by a home buyer that thought that the appliances were included when they wrote the contract and were […]

Why Hire a Buyer’s Broker in the purchase of a Buffalo Home 2

It is great fun for many Western New York buyers to search for the perfect home in WNY. They visit open houses, call listing agents to see homes that they find on the Internet. Many buyers mistake this as being in their best interest. But exactly who is that agent […]

How is your home search going?

  I watch the trends and I have been here before. It is that calm before the storm. Western New York is seeing multiple offers on homes. Many homes are finally selling after long periods of no activity. There is a shortage of good listings available on the market. Interest […]

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House and Money with Pad of Paper and Pen

Why you should pre-qualify for a mortgage before you start your WNY home search! 22

Mortgage Pre-approval Advantages Knowledge — You will know exactly how much you can afford before you start home shopping. Competitive advantage — Sellers and real estate agents will consider you a serious buyer. Speeds time to closing — Since you are preapproved you can move into your dream home much […]

You Need to Get Serious to Get Your Home SOLD! 22

Let’s Get Serious Western New York Sellers! Do You Really Want to Sell?

We thought so! If you don’t really want to sell, and you are just testing the market get your property off the market. NOW! No reason to read the rest of this article.

Those that are serious about selling, you need to read this. We are giving this to you straight, we are not going to sugar coat it for you. You want hearts and flowers and are told what you want to hear, we are not the Real Estate professionals for you.


FHA Repairs – What really has to be fixed before closing?

FHA Repairs If you are applying for an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan, you will need to understand about repairs and how FHA requested repairs may affect your ability to close on the sale of the home.    If you are selling a home and the buyers are going to purchase […]