Bergholz Volunteer Fire Department Chowder Sale in Wheatfield NY

Bergholz Volunteer Fire Department Chowder Sale

Bergholz Fire Department

2470 Niagara Road Niagara Falls NY

(716) 731-4848

Next Sale Date: July 10, 2010 – Chowder ready at 11am.

There is a tradition I remember fondly as a child and it was getting chowder from the Fire Department. Bergholz Volunteer Fire Department Chowder sale is just one of many, but many say it is the best around. Returning to Western New York after 20 years of being gone there are some things that stand the test of time — Chicken Wings, Beef on Weck, Fish Fry on Friday, DiCamillo’s Bakery and Chowder!

Niagara County is full of Volunteer Fire and Emergency companies. It is part of the heritage here in Western New York. Ben Franklin is credit with bringing to the public’s awareness of the importance of being aware and prepared for fire. Since this Wheatfield Volunteer Fire Company relies on donations, they have to raise money to supplement their budgets. One way Bergholz Volunteer Firemen do this is via their Chowder Sales.

Neighbors stand and catch up with one another as they wait for the men to start serving out the Chowder. There is conversations and quiet anticipation. Nobody is in a hurry, everyone is happy. Today I went and got in the line for the second time since being home. Getting out of the car the smell of the chowder fills the air. It is quarter to 11 (Chowder is ready at 11 folks!) and there is already a line wrapped inside the fire station. There is a table full of containers for those that came earlier and dropped off their container so they could pick their Chowder later that day. The bake sale table has been well picked over — the good stuff already gone. But wait — it is all GOOD STUFF! My mother is with me she grabs the last brownies and joins me in line. This time I remembered to bring my own container.

Watch the slide show below to see more photos of the Bergholz Volunteer Fire Department in action!

The cost of the Chowder — $14 a gallon $7 for 2 quarts. Bring your own container or pay an extra 50 cents…

Aerial Map of the Bergholz Area in case you are not sure how to get there.

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